News after a Long Silence!

It has been too long! Crazy to think all the things that have happened in the last 6 weeks since my last update. For starters, I am currently writing this in Berlin, having packed up and left my previous home of 9 months behind. Since I can’t sum up in one update, I want to just share with you some of the highlights, specifically about the conference we had a couple weeks ago:

45 to 50 students over 4 days. All students involved in seeking to build communities where international students can experience and know the love of God. It was great to see familiar faces of students that I got the opportunity to meet over the past 9 months. The theme for the conference this year was “International Friendship”, and so the days were spent wrestling with what friendship actually means and how one can go about appreciating and overcoming the barriers to cross-cultural friendships. Among other things I was asked to do the bible study/talk for the conference, which wouldn’t be too scary in and of itself, expect for the fact they asked me to do it in German! I know it was only because of those thinking and praying for me that the day before and during the bible study I wasn’t nervous at all. And while I am not 100% how much the students took away, I know that I was at least understandable and that they had good discussion J. My favorite part of the conference was our worship and prayer night, where we made a map of Germany on the floor and prayed for all the existing international groups, as well as for the cities where there wasn’t any work yet (see pictures below). Thank you for your prayers for this time!

Interkon Group

Part of the students who attended the conference

Interkon Welcome Sign

Welcome Sign

Interkon Bible Study 1

Students during bible study

Prayer Night

Praying over Germany and the international student ministries

Me during bible study

Me during our bible study time



4 thoughts on “News after a Long Silence!

  1. Love the map – what a great visual reminder & something you can keep coming back to 🙂 Praying for your transition and all the last-minute wedding stuff…wish SO badly we could be there!!!! Email me about if you’re doing a simulcast…we wanna see the wedding even though we can’t come in person!

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